“Food For All”

I awoke this morning with my mind filling out an idea that has been growing for me for a while now.

The concept is “Food For All”.

Simply, everyone has food abundantly.

With so many people loosing jobs during the stay at home mandate, there is an essential need for low cost, yet a variety of fresh food, and to not have to wander through a big box store risking infection to find bulk items, with only a few options for the amount of money spent, then to have it go bad before you can eat it all.

I believe many people are seeing not only restrictions in this time of “pandemic”, but some are suffering a whole lot more than I have yet to be impacted.  – We still have one of us working. I have been planting a garden with the intent of sharing vegetables in a few months, but the process is slow and the need is now.  I have thought of  joining a C.S.A. ( Community Supported Agriculture – a subscription to a local farmer).

I saw this post on facebook, and thought “A-ha!”, that this was perfect amount and variety for fresh food for my husband and me to live on for a week for only $20!

I think it is an idea whose time has come, when companies are needing to pivot focus to serve where the needs of a local region are and stay viable. This company is already set up to do this, is ready to go, and is doing it!

It’s time for a new paradigm shift. Surely this idea can be implemented across the U.S.A and around the globe! And I am excited!





Yum!  That was delicious!  : – D

I have been enjoying a healthy version on pistachio pudding!

Here’s how I figured this out:

A couple months back my husband started using Visalus protein powder supplement that is delivered to your door.  The plan was much like the old Slim-Fast routine:  a shake in the morning, a shake at lunch and reasonable supper of your own choice.  At Christmas, we received a one serve blender set, so, we were off and running!

He also found a smoothie recipe around that time that was supposed to help with sleeping that used soymilk, a banana, frozen tart cherries and peach slices and a touch of vanilla.  ( We have found that if you use enough frozen stuff it will be thick and can supplement that ice cream craving that can be hard to crack.)

I have gotten used to grabbing lots of bananas going through the grocery store to make sure he had his smoothie supplies every morning.

Well, last week, I happened upon a batch of perfectly ripe avocados on sale, and thought voila’!  From my past knowledge of raw foods, I realized I could substitute the avocado for the banana for creaminess!

…Now I haven’t got him to try it yet… probably the green color, but then again, I am usually the more adventurous one in trying foodstuffs, but I’ve sure been enjoying it.  : – ) I am more of an experimental cook… Much to my family’s chagrin.  LOL

I experimented first with using the avocado instead of the banana in our recipe.  It was definitely a smoother texture.  Then I realized I was some cocoa powder and a little more vanilla away from chocolate pudding!!!  (Raw, The Uncook Book, by Juliano Brotman)

So I tried it.  Yep, pretty good!  It took at least a whole mounded teaspoon to cover up the avocado taste, but with PMS and stress – chocolate was good!  … I’m not normally a chocolate person, but I think I am over my need for my chocolate, caffeine rush, for now. 

– Then I realized I had some left over coconut flakes in the freezer from holiday baking, and some raw almonds we hadn’t gotten around to eating, ought to elevate the nutrition quotient!  Subtract the cocoa and add the above ingredients and Blender Pistachio Pudding!!!  YUM!!

I suggest you play with the different amounts of ingredients.  I’ve been using almond/coconut milk instead of soy.  Working on balancing the hormones…

Try it. I’ll bet you’ll like it… and get your “veggies” too!