I love being an empowering witness to someone’s transformation, from crisis to self-knowledge, and then toward radiant health.  My aim is to help my clients move past tension and pain, into relaxation and recharged energy.  I try to listen and respect my clients wishes and ask for feedback.

I graduated from the B.M.S.I. massage school in 2005, and have been Nationally Board Certified since 2006.

The main focus of my work is Massage. Some of my modalities include: Swedish, Myofascial Release, Pregnancy massage, Bamboo massage, Chinese Cupping, Deep Tissue/Sports massage, Reflexology, postural release, and more.  I also frequently utilize stretching, range of motion, and energy excercises in my massage sessions.

My love is Energywork, which brings profound effects on body and mind. I am a sensitive or “Empath”, that is, being empathic to a clients emotions and physical sensations.  I am a student of Traditional Chinese Medicine, but I primarily work with the Chakras, the Aura and other Subtle energies.  I am Reiki I attuned, and have mentored under several energyworkers.  I can also use EFT or “Tapping” to move energies along.

A note: I do hour sessions, but I prefer to do longer sessions of 90 minutes and 2 hours. I find that the body allows more change and deeper relaxation in longer sessions.

My prices are:

$50 for 30 minutes

$80 for 1 hour

$110 for 90 minutes

$140 for 2 hours

For available appointments for massage or energywork, call or text (913) 548-2921 or email me @ mandycolahan@yahoo.com

For available appointments for massage or energywork. call or text (913) 548-2921 or email me @ mandycolahan@yahoo.com


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