Taking a salt bath

My mind is blank and my emotions jittery this morning.  I have chosen to sit with them and let them be as I cruise through Facebook notifications and Yahoo news looking for peaceful entries and noteworthy news. 

I have been running “ like crazy” the last couple of days, like a week, and actually have a break today. Other than getting another teens’ driving permit… which makes me pause just to think about it… I have the day free. 

I see myself on a path and yet see another parallel path beside it.  I need to figure out where I need to be.  I am not good at living in two worlds. 

I chalk my antsy-ness up to my empathy and feeling other people’s nerves affecting me.  I often send people energy, or prayer, or non-local energy, sometimes for an extended period to help sustain them through a difficult phase in their life.

Transitions, change, being courageous all take an elevated amount of energy.  Just like intense physical training.  I am satisfied to be able to take a rest day once in a while, even though I am accomplishment driven.  I need grounding once in a while.

There’s lots on my to-do list, but I’m having trouble moving and getting my mind centered today.  So I am letting it be.  I may take a walk in a while, or take a salt bath.

Salt baths are great for clearing your energy, and especially great when you have to work in a toxic environment or around people who drain your energy, especially sick people. 

I use a whole 1 lb. 10 oz. canister of Sea Salt (Hain’s/non iodized) and a small 1 lb. box of baking soda.  Sometimes I’ll add some drops of essential oils like lavender, sweet orange, neroli, frankincense, or whatever I have on hand.  I’ll sit there until I’m bored and my body is warmed through with the heat, about 20 minutes or so before I get out.

Having always had allergies, though they are mostly gone now from what I do to keep my body healthy, I am still reserved when it comes to smells. I have chosen what smells good to me as opposed to what the aromatherapy is supposed to be good for. I just ask myself how much of the different smells smell good on a given day, and how many drops sound good, and use them.

After a lot of energy work sessions, I find the salt bath to be beneficial for getting me back on my feet, and keeping other peoples stuff from bothering me. 

If you are going through a trying time, even standing in a hot shower can soothe your mind and body, refreshing and relaxing you for whatever is next.  Try it. It might help. Let the bad stuff roll over and off your back, and away from you like warm water.  : – )

To your Health!  – Mandy


Bamboo for Allergies?

It’s allergy season here in the Mid-west again!  With a mild winter, people started to sniffle and itch in mid-March!  There is a visible yellow powder coating on vehicles and other outdoor surfaces.  It’s time to head to the corner pharmacy for some antihistamines, right?  Maybe not…

I have had a long history of allergy issues, and I am happy to say, for now, I’m doing quite fine, thank you!  I have waded in the waters of eliminating diets, which have worked to some degree (eliminating sugar and dairy), and used neti pot techniques. But after taking a Tian Di Bamboo Massage CEU Workshop last fall, I noticed that I have not had near the problem I have had before!  The part that had results involved rolling the calves with a stick of bamboo. 

The two things I noticed were:

1) My nose immediately began to drain volumes and volumes of ick, and once emptied, my nose has been a happy camper ever since.

 And 2) I never realized just how tight my calves had always been!  Wowie!

For upper respiratory issues and allergies, grab a rolling pin from your kitchen, or an extra pipe from your garage and go to work rolling the back of your calves! … And keep some tissue handy… 

When the nasal passages are cleaned out, you will feel much better! I have also had reports of success treating upper respiratory illnesses with calf rolling.  Try it out!

If you would like me to work on them for you, contact me.  : – ) Mandy