Bamboo for Allergies?

It’s allergy season here in the Mid-west again!  With a mild winter, people started to sniffle and itch in mid-March!  There is a visible yellow powder coating on vehicles and other outdoor surfaces.  It’s time to head to the corner pharmacy for some antihistamines, right?  Maybe not…

I have had a long history of allergy issues, and I am happy to say, for now, I’m doing quite fine, thank you!  I have waded in the waters of eliminating diets, which have worked to some degree (eliminating sugar and dairy), and used neti pot techniques. But after taking a Tian Di Bamboo Massage CEU Workshop last fall, I noticed that I have not had near the problem I have had before!  The part that had results involved rolling the calves with a stick of bamboo. 

The two things I noticed were:

1) My nose immediately began to drain volumes and volumes of ick, and once emptied, my nose has been a happy camper ever since.

 And 2) I never realized just how tight my calves had always been!  Wowie!

For upper respiratory issues and allergies, grab a rolling pin from your kitchen, or an extra pipe from your garage and go to work rolling the back of your calves! … And keep some tissue handy… 

When the nasal passages are cleaned out, you will feel much better! I have also had reports of success treating upper respiratory illnesses with calf rolling.  Try it out!

If you would like me to work on them for you, contact me.  : – ) Mandy


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