Let it be…

… Sorry, guys. I have been loafing on the writing, but I’m not really apologizing.

It’s spring. I have been working too hard. There are lots of activities this time of year. Without sufficient air conditioning, I wasn’t been sleeping. And maybe it was the powerful full moon… but last week it all hit critical shutdown. Lights out. Done!

I spent most of last week either staring blankly or pushing myself through what had to be done. I had been running on fumes.

… As a massage therapist, I went to a continuing education class called medical massage. And even though the teacher was nationally known, they rambled and were unorganized, and I wasn’t getting a lot out of the class.

(I have learned that there are content/skill classes, and then there are those I come home with an overall thought that grows and gives my practice a whole new light on things.)

That weekend the thought I came away with was that the primary focus for massage should be so the client can rest, because sleep is where the body heals itself.

All the critical catching up in the body happens while we are not pouring all our energy into “being brilliant” as one of my Theatre professors used to say, going at “Mach 1”.

The downshifting of gears allows for the body to clean up the crazy mess left from going all day. There are metabolic waste garbage routes that need to be cleared, nerves need to reboot, and the blood “train” moves things around, bringing supplies where they need to be for the next day.

I have heard a well-known fitness trainer say that the most ignored part of physical fitness is insufficient recovery time.

When the body is facing a health crisis, it is even more imperative for this slower speed, and better nutrition. But many people reach for things to keep them going when they think they can’t stop, and sometimes life does demand this of us. … You probably aren’t going to ignore the 2 a.m. babies cries, even though you have to go to work in the morning. But 2 years of this will be a problem! – And you will be a wreck…

I think that life should have ebbs and flows, even though I am still working on it!

Take a moment to chill just to enjoy the sun and not going. You might feel even better when you get back into the thick of things. : – )


The Postures: The Cat Hissing

Shrug your shoulders up really high.  Do you notice how tight this makes your neck? This is the hissing cat posture.

It appears when our internal emotional pressure builds- and someone might get hurt soon!  … Unless, we feel it is inappropriate to vent, and so our neck gets stiff.

This is like a steam kettle getting ready to hiss, but there is no steam vent. Another picture would be an armed grenade, ready to explode, splattering shrapnel all around!  Your blood pressure might be high…

We start to notice shoulder and neck pain, a headache, or a migraine.  If issues are unresolved by sleep time, it turns into TMJ, with teeth grinding and problems that can become dental issues.  The scalp is usually stretched tighter than a swimming cap!  Can you really stomach what is going on in your life?  The whole upper back can curl forward with stomach issues, just like with vomiting reflexes.

Next time you have a headache, neck or shoulder pain, are you really being honest with your emotions?

As I have noted in a previous segment, finding a good vent is good!  Some I have used or heard of are:

Exercise and creating something you feel is beautiful helps channel frustrations constructively.

Exercise helps!  There are the martial arts, with the kicking and yelling in an appropriate venue, and you’ll feel great afterwards!  There’s distance running until you’ve “pounded” (the problem) into the pavement” and have worn yourself out and are ready to face the world again.  Also, there’s target shooting, and weight lifting, anything that channels aggression. For kids a mini trampoline helps keep them in a small space, yet lets out their energy. (It has great health benefits, too!)

If you can’t get away from the house, I have found ironing, juicing, riding a stationary bike/elliptical machine and cleaning/scrubbing with purpose until I calmed down have all really helped.  I have also suggested going in the bedroom and kicking and screaming into a pillow on your bed, but I don’t know if many take me up on this.  If you were comfortable venting your emotions already, you wouldn’t be having problems, anyway…

Speaking of, are you being honest with your emotions?  Does something need to change…but not yet?  Figure out something that doesn’t hurt you in the long run and let off some steam!

Have a crack at the arts or climbing into whatever you find that’s beautiful.  It can help transform your mood!  Focusing on a creative project helps redirect that energy into something positive.  Music, even if you don’t have talent can “have charms to soothe the savage (angry) beast”!

See what you think, and as always, chime in on what works for you!