I just watched “ The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” movie, and I got to thinking;  I hold a cauldron of secrets inside me. 

People talk during their sessions with me, unraveling their own stories of their lives.  The subjects, verbal contemplations and musings weave through the room as they upload to their minds the information that their bodies have been holding from all their life transactions, making a deposit in their “Now” files.

On my table appear major stories in the books of people’s lives… that often reflect deeper transitions in my own life.

We all deserve compassion and to be heard, for the story to unravel as we tell it, hearing it for ourselves.  Forgiving ourselves for being wrong, fighting the wrong fight for the wrong or right reasons, for not having courage to go against the insurmountable tide and giving up the fight, for being too tired or scared to go on… there are so many variations.

But I see transformation when someone finally lets go of his or her story and comes to a personal consensus.  –  “The story is tired of being told.  It isn’t how we want to see ourselves anymore.  It is boring and old.  We are done.  It is no longer in our 30-second introduction speech of who we are.  We are over it.  We are moving on.”

They then step over the final threshold of fear and into the great beyond. 

The now is ready to be open to new possibilities, the change.

But what are the new options to follow?  After so much struggling, I find myself currently waiting with “one eye open” to those enticing possibilities.  I’m sure when I, or you find “IT”, you and I will know.  : – )

For now I am enjoying the space and richness of my unclaimed time and space.


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