The Hurt Bird Posture

In the wild, a mother bird will protect her young by pretending to be hurt when a predator gets too close to her nest.  When the predator is interested in her, she moves away a little at a time, leading the danger far away from her babies.

Curl the back of your wrist into your chest.  Cock your head to the side. To me this looks like a hurt bird.  “I’m already hurt. You wouldn’t hurt me, again, would you?”  (Batting lashes…)

The reasoning being, that if I’m already hurt, your job is done for you and you can move along… sort of like playing dead… or possum for those passive-aggressive types.

I see this as playing the victim, a manipulation posture against those using the Hissing Cat or Bulldog postures from previous posts.

I have seen this in shoulder, arm, and rotator cuff issues. There are a couple of deviations that I have found in a couple of client’s energy patterns.

One with the hands are up like a defensive posture (like “Back up, I don’t want to fight with you.”) and are creating a force field that is trying to buffer the whole aura from attack, but is draining the arm in question.  Therefore, there is no energy to keep the arm healthy and it gets injured from being weak.

I have also seen people who are over-achievers and “put their shoulder into it”. Going the extra mile to make things work, leaning into a project with too much intensity or anticipation, therefore wearing out the shoulder with too much force, shorting out the energy of the arm.  This one goes back having to the Bulldog posture.

Are you going to keep hiding or are you going to step up and fight the bully?



The “Quasimodo” Posture

This posture looks much like the lead character from the Hunchback of Notre Dame, with one shoulder up and one leg shortened, leading to a hobble of a walk.

Many women by mid-life experience scoliosis, sciatica, plantar fasciitis; it also leads to knee, hip and feet issues.  I’ve see men leaning back and sitting on one buttock.  This could pinch off nerves going down the legs over time.  There can also be issues with the shoulders.  Women can stick out their “sassy” hip, and put their hand on it.

As caretakers, it becomes easy to loose yourself in all the “Mommy, do this for me…” A young mother’s Baby on hip syndrome, where the hip juts out for a baby to ride, usually on the left hip (so you can work with the right hand) over time can lead to this.

I have heard Chiropractors admonish that if you sleep on your side, you need shift to sleeping flat on your back to prevent the torque on your spine.  I have figured out, upon questioning, that many of these “twisted” people are sitting in a contorted posture like sitting on your foot/feet with knees to the side, that eventually the posture compensates.

Life can get complicated as you go on through time.  I think mentally, this could be an aversion to dealing with things as they truly are, instead of standing in your own truth, and squarely standing on your own two feet, stacking the joints above evenly.

In dealing with the Quasimodo posture, I’ve seen that working the whole body has helped straighten out the whole posture.  So even if you only have a hurt leg or shoulder, getting a massage for the whole body structure will help straighten things out.