The gardening work-out… (out)doors!

This past week I posted this via my mobile device as I was toodling around the yard…. It showed up as a new page. Not sure how to negotiate the electronics, so I saved this as a draft and am reposting it today. I’ve been having too much fun accompishing things outdoors to write much else…

I have been doing the gardening workout. Whew! It’s kicking my butt… Into shape!

Lots of squats to pick up mulch, raking leaves out of the way and shoveling plants in the game of yard Tetris… lunges with weights (aka mowing), and meditation while standing around watering are getting me grounded with the satisfaction of getting stuff done.

As I sweat out the toxins, I’m making sure I’m replenishing my core with good stuff like EmergenC and much like a favorite show with Uncle “Si”, I’ve been downing a glass of tea as I swing through the house for something I need and a bathroom break and an easy snack of an apple with some almond butter. Not even bothering to cut the apple, I just took a bite and sponned in some almond butter, took another bite and repeated! Yum!!

Take a break away from your computer long enough to get outside and breathe! … And join me looking around at the world around us. Fresh air is good!

And it’s so good to have a break, and at such a busy time of year.


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