You’re driving me up the wall!!!

Put your legs up the wall for stretching and relaxation

Hi! It’s been a really, really, long time!

Here’s what I’ve been up to:  elevating my feet… up the wall!

It helps me calm down to relax, taking a little time for me.

This is easy, quick, cheap (free) and great for the lymph system (without having to get one of those hefty inversion tables). It helps counter gravity’s effects, letting fluid that can go to your lower extremities through the day move back into circulation. It also allows the pelvic muscles to relax from holding up your spine all day!

All it takes is an empty stretch of wall or the headboard of a bed! I just position one of my hips against the area where I want to roll up, and roll onto my back, and the legs just follow along, up the wall.


It’s good to use some padding, under the hips or wherever would make it more comfortable for you (i.e. the neck or low back). This is about relaxing!

If your hamstrings are tight and inflexible, allow some space between your butt and the wall, letting you legs rest at an angle, not straight up. On a bed I sometimes use a slanted pile of pillows to rest my legs on for support under my knees.

For a good adductor stretch you can slide your feet apart as far as you can go, or pull your knees into your chest to stretch your low back.

It’s good to change your orientation and perspective once in a while.

Try it you may like it!



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