After having started the last long and wordy post, I noticed something curious.  The topics and examples I had gotten reacquainted with were starting to play out in my life again. Deep feelings and memories were being stirred up.  After a conversation earlier today, I realized that instead of focusing all my attention on the subject of crisis interventions, I needed to be re-focusing on the positive.  So here goes…

I have been a fan of affirmations for quite a while, but sometimes life happens and I have had to re-orient myself.   Affirmations were my first step forward beyond trying to get healthy with only diet and exercise changes.

The book, “You Can Heal Your Life”, by Louise L. Hay opened new doors for me.  Now, there were other options for me, other than what I previously believed I was fated with.  I started to incorporate my mind as well as my body, as well as my spirit, or emotions into a healthy outlook and plan for my life.

I had mental patterns from my early environment, my parents, and my own experiences that I thought were the only way to view my world and spiritual development.

When you experience something (over and over again), that makes it true, right?  Maybe not.  We can get so wrapped up in our emotional worries, fears, and frustrations re-playing in our minds that we feel trapped and those emotions become self-fulfilling prophecies. 

What if we could re-write our perceived outcomes to our experiences?  What if there were other options?  What if you could re-frame your problems into a “perfect” scenario and give your mind a break, and therefore relieve some perpetual suffering?  Just for a moment, you could take a break from your problems, or as Louise says, “Have compassion for yourself. You are doing the best you can.”

I will tell you, it can change your world.  Now, it does take practice and determination.  Under duress, sometimes you have to be very patient trying reign in a mind stuck in an anxiety loop.  But knowing it is only a phase you have to ride out gives you focus to be present and strategic and ride out whatever drama is going on.  With patience and faith, you will get your ship righted again.

One key thing I have figured out with affirmations is that wrapping them in positive emotions enforces a good outcome.  It’s one thing to say a positive mantra over and over again like in an autistic fit, and another to find a peaceful breath to put meaning, or intention, into your words, allowing yourself to relax into the moment.   

I have found that writing my words helps me focus my intentions.  I don’t call it journaling, but it is similar, just all positive, like prayer.  Some people need to record their positive messages to themselves to hear them audibly, or even make a poster of visual images of what they want to see in their lives. Some people have suggested that affirmations are best done in the morning to focus your day, and/or right before bed, to get a good mind set to let go of the day and rest easier. 

I have also found the affirmation, “I love and approve of myself,” not only helps one support one’s self, but also holds you accountable to be true to yourself.  Under stress, it’s great to have all the support you can get, especially from yourself when you need a little courage.

Glad Tidings!  -Mandy


2 comments on “Affirmations

  1. Perry says:

    Thanks for this, Mandy. I am really glad to have this window into your mind. I’m going to start doing affirmations now.

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